WildThings Plant Farm

WildThings Plant Farm WildThings Plant Farm

After careers in journalism, Nina Aprile and John Harris launched WildThings Plant Farm, a 36-acre nursery in the woods in Minto, near Mount Forest.  

They used to say they worked as writers to fund their gardening habit.

Gardening and growing plants – WildThings plant list includes close to 2,000 varieties of perennials, shrubs and trees – has been their mainstay since 1996. They are organic growers, producing their own potting soil from composted leaves, and practise low-to-no maintenance gardening: seldom (in many cases: never) watering or weeding  the farm’s multitude of display gardens.

Included are many large-scale hosta gardens, a grass garden at the entrance, new native shrub gardens planted along the ½-km laneway in autumn, 2014, numerous mixed perennial beds and a native garden. The hardwood forest, which dominates the property, includes self-guided wildflower walks featured in spring during the annual Mother’s Day weekend Trillium Festival.

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